What People Say

Please contact me for references or look at the CV page for more information about some of my projects.

Andy Hasoon, Executive Director, Milamber Ventures plc
"I just wanted to say that your analysis of the business was extremely valuable. It gave a helicopter view showing what worked, and more importantly what didn't, and where we needed to focus resources to help the business grow. Your methodology clearly shows in a visual way, a distillation of the business, pulling out the key attributes, highlighting gaps, and then asking questions that guide management to address what's important. Your process is intuitive, illuminating and highly instructive - brilliant!"

Giles Derry, Senior Partner, Dunedin LLP
"The business planning exercise enables management teams with a broad range of experience to capture and arrange their thoughts in to a coherent document which ensures alignment of thinking and a benchmark for future decisions. And manages to do this efficiently and rapidly without the usual jargon or consultant speak. Gary has a unique style which ensures teams are at their most relaxed and willing to contribute."

Ross Marshall, Senior Partner, Dunedin LLP
"Gary Mitchell has worked with the management teams of a number of Dunedin portfolio companies to help them develop and communicate their strategic plans. His approach is to capture management's plans in a set of clear, concise slides which are easy to follow and quick to refer to. His assistance has been invaluable."

Nicol Fraser, Partner, Dunedin LLP
"The business planning process helps the management of a business quickly communicate where a business currently is and articulates clearly their vision and strategy. The output helps provide a clear plan and provides a useful foundation for effective Board participation and support."

Bob Blunden, CEO, CET Group Ltd
"the strategy document continues to be at the centre of our strategic and operational actions including budgets"

Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive, CitySprint Ltd
"The business planning exercise helped bring together the key people of our rapidly growing divisions under a common plan and a clear group identity."

Steve Pomfret: Director of Strategy & Business Development Mothercare
"Gary Mitchell became involved with Mothercare at a critical stage in its development. By bringing structure, process, measurement and objectivity to project design and implementation, he played a vital role in Mothercare's successful turnaround. He delivered change by harnessing and developing talent and knowledge that already existed in the organisation; such talent responded very positively towards Gary's style and approach."

Shelley Peppard, Retail Operations Manager, Mothercare
"I have one word to describe Gary's work...'Awesome'. He is a straight talking, fearless, focused individual who has the ability to make anything impossible possible. I personally learnt alot about effective project management whilst working with him."

Charles Helliwell contractor at Mothercare
"A clarity of vision and a sense of purpose make Gary an outstanding Project Manager in his own right. He possesses a certainty about his expertise and has the self-belief to challenge all those around him to demonstrate the same."

Ian Sellick: Client Director IT Outsourcing Hewlett Packard
"Gary's no nonsense, pragmatic and common sense approach to programmes and projects is a major asset in making breakthroughs when impasse occurs through imperfect planning or political expediency. He retains focus on the goals but also has the sensitivity and sensability to be able to manage and account for programme challenges and changes."

Bertrand Godin: Vice President Services Europe Comdisco GmBH
"Winning a big account like Deutsche Telekom was a real challenge; delivering was to be an even bigger one. I chose Gary Mitchell as program director because of his previous outstanding performance and results both at Comdisco US and at ICL Fujitsu. The structure and management style of the international delivery team and customer expectation was really impressive. Finally, on due date, we got both the expected deliverables and the forecast economics. Many Thanks!"

Damian Walch, Vice President, Professional Services, Comdisco, Inc
"I was an executive at the company during Gary's engagement. I must say, he brought a unique insight, creativity and knowledge to this engagement that I'd haven't seen since. His facilitation skills, coupled with the ability to breakdown barriers is outstanding. The work that he did with sales process, product and service development made a strong impact on the results of the organization."

Thomas Flohr: President I.T. Leasing Global Comdisco Inc
"With only 3 months to deliver and launch a major service offering, Gary brought the necessary structure, urgency and leadership to the programme, creating turnaround in weeks and an on-time launch. Subsequent engagements used the same model to define, mobilise and successfully deliver other key global programmes. Gary's approach and support delivered management information and key decisions to senior management in a timely and effective manner allowing us to keep our senior perspective and focus on the key issues. His commitment to this was absolute, and was the difference between Gary's approach and others I have seen."

Reto Jost, former Director Technology Operations Fujitsu / ICL
"Replacing 15 country-based, diverse supply-chain operations with one centrally controlled European organisation with no interruption or degradation of service to customers is no mean feat.. Gary was the chief change-agent and central coordinator who made sure the strategy was implemented to time and budget. Gary's success on one hand was based on his approach to planning, to getting the buy-in of all involved and his perseverance in keeping people to their commitments. On the other hand his work ethic, intellect and ability to adapt to change earned him respect from the shop floor to the board room whilst his sense of humour and personality carried well with all type of people and across different cultures."

Simon Wood, Interim Logistics Director, Smythson
"I have known and worked with Gary in a number of situations, and in each he has made the difference between focused, rapid progress and extended, poorly co-ordinated effort. To his clients this, along with the speed and quality of his engagement, means faster decision making, effective implementation and earlier benefit exploitation. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary."

Roy Peters, General Manager Logistics EMEA, Unisys Corporation
Unisys"I had the pleasure to work directly with Gary in Unisys when he performed the role of Strategic Director. His analytical skills and ability to oversee and bring solutions forward for extremely complex problems did impressed me deeply. In addition Gary is a strong and demanding person who knows what has to de done to achieve results. I would highly recommend Gary to companies who need a a strategist that can actually change things and move the business to a next level of sophistication."