Gary Mitchell

Over 25 years and over 50 successful projects with more than 20 organisations – I know that rapid and sustained business change is only possible if it is internally inspired and lead.

My project experience is built on solid foundations. A first class honours degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University, followed by 5 years of manufacturing industry experience, topped off by an MBA from INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau, France.

From there I cut my consulting teeth during three years as a manager for the U.S. operations management consulting firm Pittiglio Rabin Todd and McGrath (PRTM) where I was a key player in supply chain and product development turnarounds for four major technology companies. I have been self-employed since 1997.

My no-nonsense pragmatic style may well come from my upbringing as a farmer’s son in Cheshire. Since then I have lived and worked in the UK, the United States and mainland Europe. I speak French, Dutch and German just well enough for the locals to know I am not fluent.

MINI CASE STUDY - Retail Turnaround

MothercareI was tasked with mobilising and delivering the total business transformation conceived by Ben Gordon, then the new Chief Executive, and his Strategy Director Stephen Pomfret.

Choosing the right internal leaders brought functional know-how and gave the projects instant credibility in the business.

With minimal help these leaders learned how to use visual project tools to communicate plans, progress and requirements to teams and sponsors.

Effectively managing the project themselves, they were given hands-on external support where it really mattered – strong independent facilitation for key interactions – and dynamic resolution support for critical issues.

Following programme delivery the Mothercare share price quadrupled and retains that valuation today.