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July 2018
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Tag: project rescue

Systems Projects – Is Chaos Inevitable?

Tough going? Don’t blame yourself. Everybody has conspired to create this mess. It happens for all systems investments. Below I look at some of the major issues and propose 4 rules. It all starts with the way systems are sold. No Active Engagement with References Somehow both parties always find it “too inconvenient” or “too […]

Saving Months and Millions

You would never buy a company or a house without very detailed validation of what you are buying and whether it fits your needs. So why are many IT solutions and services contracts signed before detailed requirements and validation work is completed? Solutions providers will tell you that this is because this is ‘how things […]

Have you got ‘what it takes’?

Widespread business change is enormously costly and risky. Commitment of any function to change is entirely driven by self interest. The return on investment and effort has to be obvious and far and away above the cost. For cross functional change the benefits sought need to be at or very near the top of the […]

Using Struggling Projects to Change the Culture

Are current issues symptoms of wider ills? A struggling project could be an opportunity to bring different ways of working into the organisation. In normal circumstances it is tough to get buy-in for behaviour changes but within a troubled project all participants are usually very open to new approaches. If the project is rescued these […]

Finding Black Holes

It seems to be human nature to only take responsibility for those things that we can actually influence. Consider items designated as ‘dependencies or ‘interdependencies’ or ‘risks’. In many cases, because their resolution can be beyond the remit of project managers they are put on a ‘if this happens it’s not our fault as we […]