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July 2018
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Tag: governance

Why do Management Tools ignore the needs of Management ?

I have been recently looking at what online tools are available to support the planning and governance of strategy implementation. The one good thing they all recognise is that using spreadsheets or Microsoft project “can be cumbersome and overcomplicated and mask the overall picture – which is where you really need to focus”. So far […]

Do you Manage Behind or In Front?

Most project reporting tools only report achievements against commitments. That means until a target is missed – management know nothing (lets face it % task completion tells us nothing useful). Managing Behind! I require that commitment owners use visual plans to report every week on the status of future commitments – green (I will make […]

Why IT should not Lead Change Programmes

Although very strong technical expertise and leadership may well be required to select and implement the right IT solutions, ultimately it is the level of commitment from the business that determines the success of any large IT change project. Business priority, clear vision, specification of requirements, choice of the right solution, leadership of organisation and […]

Finding Black Holes

It seems to be human nature to only take responsibility for those things that we can actually influence. Consider items designated as ‘dependencies or ‘interdependencies’ or ‘risks’. In many cases, because their resolution can be beyond the remit of project managers they are put on a ‘if this happens it’s not our fault as we […]

Internal Contracts

Why do companies treat internal and external projects differently? External projects all have formal contracts stating what is expected – detailing the what, how, who, when, how much and how it will be managed – and requiring sign off, if large, by the senior sponsor, the FD and the MD. It is common to find […]

What is the Point of Plans?

In over twenty five years of managing projects I have never seen a manager or stakeholder EVER read a task level project plan. That is not bad thing. A task level plan is not for communication – it’s for planning. Understanding the tasks required to achieve each milestone and deliverable is a valuable exercise which […]