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July 2018
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Archive for 'Top Tips'

Digital Strategy

Sure I can help with your digital strategy – but firstly ask yourself what you mean by this. ‘Digital’ is simply one of the means to an end – together with people, products, service, marketing…. The real challenge for businesses is the articulation of that ‘end’. Technology can deliver what you want – but do […]

The Right Leadership is not Optional

My assertions are: the trusted lieutenants in the business are the right people to lead change if these people are the right people and can be helped to lead change you will succeed if these people do not lead change you will fail Simple and most people agree with these statements.  So why in so […]

As easy as ABC

How to succeed at transformation: A = alignment B = belief C = commitment Identify the change leaders in the business (trusted lieutenants); give them the time to participate; then as a group do the ABC. ALIGNMENT:  shared vision of what – we are trying to build why – compelling reason for action, return on investment […]

Who are the true leaders of change?

Establishing the right leadership for change is the difference between success and failure.  Lets examine the candidates for ‘key people’ who should own or lead change in the business. External Consultants:   NO No explanation required.  If you need one. See me after school. Senior Management:  NO Senior management don’t actually do stuff.  The defer […]

Saving Months and Millions

You would never buy a company or a house without very detailed validation of what you are buying and whether it fits your needs. So why are many IT solutions and services contracts signed before detailed requirements and validation work is completed? Solutions providers will tell you that this is because this is ‘how things […]

First the Worst …

Never buy a system or application you have not seen in action in a real business like your own. Being first means you are paying development costs; and also that the costs and risks of implementation are unknown. Well chosen references not only answer ‘fit for purpose?’ questions but provide insights into implementation risks, ongoing […]

Have you got ‘what it takes’?

Widespread business change is enormously costly and risky. Commitment of any function to change is entirely driven by self interest. The return on investment and effort has to be obvious and far and away above the cost. For cross functional change the benefits sought need to be at or very near the top of the […]