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July 2018
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Archive for 'Strategy Implementation'

Tell Your Story

You need investors.  You need a buyer.  You need customers.   You need management and staff engagement.  You need to get the word out.  But can you tell your story?   Most people can verbally at least.  But writing it down is a different matter.  Something seems to happen on the journey to ‘print’ that destroys the […]

Everybody Hates Plans

Why do people hate plans?   Surely they are essential?  Alignment gets things done.   Or rather …. non-alignment prevents things from getting done.  Achieving the tough stuff requires full participation, everyone pulling in the same direction.  People pulling in different directions wastes energy and puts outcomes at risk. Plans are boring !    The […]


The book by Simon Sinek “Start with Why – How Great leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action” is a good read.  For me it is all about authenticity.  This has recently come to life for me.  I was asked to help articulate the value and strategy for two VC backed businesses.  They were in quite […]


My recent strategy jobs have given me a few insights.  The first was that successful strategy delivery requires focus.   If you want significant improvement in 18 months – then as a business you need to decide what ‘4 big things’  you need to deliver in the next 9 months.   Why 4?   Because it […]

As easy as ABC

How to succeed at transformation: A = alignment B = belief C = commitment Identify the change leaders in the business (trusted lieutenants); give them the time to participate; then as a group do the ABC. ALIGNMENT:  shared vision of what – we are trying to build why – compelling reason for action, return on investment […]

Why do Management Tools ignore the needs of Management ?

I have been recently looking at what online tools are available to support the planning and governance of strategy implementation. The one good thing they all recognise is that using spreadsheets or Microsoft project “can be cumbersome and overcomplicated and mask the overall picture – which is where you really need to focus”. So far […]

Do you Manage Behind or In Front?

Most project reporting tools only report achievements against commitments. That means until a target is missed – management know nothing (lets face it % task completion tells us nothing useful). Managing Behind! I require that commitment owners use visual plans to report every week on the status of future commitments – green (I will make […]