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July 2018
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Archive for 'Change Management'

Tell Your Story

You need investors.  You need a buyer.  You need customers.   You need management and staff engagement.  You need to get the word out.  But can you tell your story?   Most people can verbally at least.  But writing it down is a different matter.  Something seems to happen on the journey to ‘print’ that destroys the […]

Everybody Hates Plans

Why do people hate plans?   Surely they are essential?  Alignment gets things done.   Or rather …. non-alignment prevents things from getting done.  Achieving the tough stuff requires full participation, everyone pulling in the same direction.  People pulling in different directions wastes energy and puts outcomes at risk. Plans are boring !    The […]


My recent strategy jobs have given me a few insights.  The first was that successful strategy delivery requires focus.   If you want significant improvement in 18 months – then as a business you need to decide what ‘4 big things’  you need to deliver in the next 9 months.   Why 4?   Because it […]

The Right Leadership is not Optional

My assertions are: the trusted lieutenants in the business are the right people to lead change if these people are the right people and can be helped to lead change you will succeed if these people do not lead change you will fail Simple and most people agree with these statements.  So why in so […]

As easy as ABC

How to succeed at transformation: A = alignment B = belief C = commitment Identify the change leaders in the business (trusted lieutenants); give them the time to participate; then as a group do the ABC. ALIGNMENT:  shared vision of what – we are trying to build why – compelling reason for action, return on investment […]

Who are the true leaders of change?

Establishing the right leadership for change is the difference between success and failure.  Lets examine the candidates for ‘key people’ who should own or lead change in the business. External Consultants:   NO No explanation required.  If you need one. See me after school. Senior Management:  NO Senior management don’t actually do stuff.  The defer […]

Why IT should not Lead Change Programmes

Although very strong technical expertise and leadership may well be required to select and implement the right IT solutions, ultimately it is the level of commitment from the business that determines the success of any large IT change project. Business priority, clear vision, specification of requirements, choice of the right solution, leadership of organisation and […]

Have you got ‘what it takes’?

Widespread business change is enormously costly and risky. Commitment of any function to change is entirely driven by self interest. The return on investment and effort has to be obvious and far and away above the cost. For cross functional change the benefits sought need to be at or very near the top of the […]

Subject Matter Dummy

A failing project – what is needed? Knowledge? Know-how? But what kind? If the real issue is a failure to coordinate the expertise already within the business then adding more may not help. Worse, it could send a “you lot don’t know what you are talking about!” message to the existing team. Some years ago […]

Using Struggling Projects to Change the Culture

Are current issues symptoms of wider ills? A struggling project could be an opportunity to bring different ways of working into the organisation. In normal circumstances it is tough to get buy-in for behaviour changes but within a troubled project all participants are usually very open to new approaches. If the project is rescued these […]