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Over 25 years planning and leading complex programme turnaround. Wide sector experience with 50+ engagements in the UK, across Europe and in the US. Early career spent leading technology transformation programmes with corporates. Now bringing light-touch transformation techniques and tools to private equity value creation.

Path-to-Value Planning

Simple clear business plans attract investment and provide the focus needed for delivery. A good planning process can be stimulating and fun, capturing the passion and knowledge already in the business, while demanding good answers to questions important to investors. Articulating the outputs in a visual story-telling format supports engagement and gets the key messages across.

Strategy Delivery Mobilisation

Getting internal leaders mobilised and reporting in place usually falls to the CEO. External support and proven transformation approaches can simplify and align participation of initiative owners, allowing CEO’s to stay focused on leadership rather than process. Putting in place simple but robust reporting tools and disciplines provides consistent transparency of progress, and keeps management's focus on delivery of the future business.

Digital Strategy Due Diligence

Technology nowadays can give you anything you want. But do you know what you want? Can you describe where your business needs to get to (future customer journeys / operating model)? Can you say why is this important to do (incentives to change, business case, return on investment)? Can you be sure that the business can be transitioned safely to the future state (acquisition, organisation and change plans)? Don’t go technology shopping until you have all the answers!


Common Purpose

The right projects; robust plans;
excitement and belief...

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A Visual Approach

Commitments, progress and
support required at a glance...

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A Focus on People

Understanding, involvement and empowerment rather than administration...

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What People Say

Impact, lasting results and experience; over
45 engagements over more than 25 years...

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